Nexstar 114 SLT Telescope.

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The Features of the Nexstar 114 SLT Telescope

The NextStar As a parent who is planning to introduce their kids into the world of astronomy, NexStar 114 SLT is the telescope to get. It locates the targeted objects clearly and can easily be adjusted to fit preferences. It’s a telescope that everyone will love using, and the fact that it is light in weight makes it more portable. Its database is capable of locating more than 4,000 celestial objects.

Huge Database

It is very important to have a huge database in a telescope. You do not need to worry about the database when you get the NexStar 114 SLT as its database has a capacity of locating more than 4000 celestial objects. This is amazing, and it is exactly what any professional or astronomy enthusiast needs.

Various Control Modes: What makes the NexStar 114 SLT even more amazing is its various control softwares. Its hand control software is flashing upgradeable, and since you may need to control the NexStar 114 SLT via a computer, it comes with NSOL telescope control software for that purpose. It also comes with an RS-232 cable which is optional. The Internet and you need to download product updates, the motor control units of the telescope makes it possible. A user can enjoy advanced control of the NexStar 114 SLT via computer by using the NexRemote telescope control software which is optional. You have control software with this telescope which makes your experience amazing. 

Bright Images 

The telescope has a great light gathering power and produces images that are bright enough for the users. This is one of the many features that have made the NexStar 114 SLT a popular for many including the little ones. It has a mirror that guarantees users color-corrected views fully.

It’s Easy to Install

One of the advantages of using this telescope is how easy it is to install. It only takes the user a few minutes to set it up. Its stainless steel tripod is adjustable and pre-assembled which makes everything easy. It also comes with an accessory tray, an optical tube and a fork arm mount that is quick to release.


A telescope should not feel like a burden when carrying it. The NexStar 114 SLT is not only light in weight which makes it quite portable, but it is also compact. 

Easy Alignment 

As a user, you will enjoy aligning your telescope. What makes this enjoyable is the Starpointer finder scope that comes with an LED red in color and the technology known as SkyAlign. You can align on 3 celestial objects with this alignment technology. 

A telescope will make astronomy enthusiasts happier and determined to go with their adventure. The NexStar is that telescope that makes this possible with its computer control technology. The process of aligning it is quite easy as it does not need technical knowhow. Due to the possibility of card wrap when in use, the telescope comes with an internal battery compartment to prevent this.

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