Meade Instrument Lightbridge Mini 82 Telescope.

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Meade Instrument Lightbridge Mini 82 Telescope Review.

The Meade Instrument Lightbridge Mini 82 Telescope is a great, budgetfriendly telescope. This telescope is only 3.8 pounds, which makes it a lightweight telescope. The Lightbridge Mini is on the smaller side, but for some users, a smaller telescope is harder to use than a large telescope. However, the Lightbridge Mini 82 is designed in a way that makes it easy to use for everyone. The smaller size also makes it easier to move around and store.

Specifications and Features

The Lightbridge Mini 82 comes with an 82mm Newtonian Reflector, which provides an excellent view of the Moon and other objects like stars and planets. The Mini also comes with a 9mm and a 26mm eyepiece to easily adjust the magnification. There is also a 2x Barlow lens that you can use to double the magnification of the eyepieces. The mount can swivel 360 degrees, so the simple point and look design makes the Lightbridge super easy to use.


Unlike other telescopes on the market, the Lightbridge comes with its tripod mounted to the tube. This means that you can take the telescope out of the box and start using it. This does make it harder to use at times, but placing it on a simple table makes it easy to use for all ages. The built-in tripod also makes it easy to store because you can store it on a shelf or on your desk.

The price point makes the Lightbridge a great option for both a first telescope or as a backup. The Mini 82 is around $60 and can be bought on Amazon and other online stores.

The smaller size of the Mini 82 is excellent for people who are looking for a telescope but do not have the room to store a fullsize telescope. There are many people who dislike smaller telescopes, but smaller telescopes are easier to use for children and people with smaller hands.


Due the Lightbridge Mini 82 being made from plastic, some people have received their telescopes with cracks in the plastic. Meade Instruments will replace the telescope if there are any problems, but this does mean that you will need to wait a few weeks before you can use the telescope.

The magnification on this telescope is also low compared to other telescopes in the same price range. This can make it hard to see some objects at times. The Lightbridge Mini 82 is a beginner telescope, so you may want to order an extra magnification lens if you want a clearer view.


Meade Instruments makes a lot of great items. The Lightbridge Mini 82 is a great option for anyone who is looking to buy a telescope. The lower price tag and smaller size makes it a great first telescope. Even with the lower price tag, Meade did not skimp on quality and provides everything that you need to start out. Like most other telescopes, you may want to buy some accessories as you become more skilled with the Lightbridge Mini 82.

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