Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope.

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Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope Review

Looking at the night sky can be very relaxing, but you can only really see so much with the naked eye. Telescopes are an excellent option for those who want to get a closer look at the stars and planets that light up the night sky. Celestron is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes. The NexStar 8 SE is a lightweight, portable telescope.

What does the Celestron NexStar 8 SE come with?

The Celestron NexStar c8 SE comes with the following:

-8 inch F/10 SCT OTA with dovetail rail and Starbright XLT coating

-Adjustable Tripod with an eyepiece tray

-Computerized object tracking

-Red dot unit finder

-Single Fork Arm with a quick-release knob

-Bubble level on the tripod

-Celestron’s Night Sky software, which is a computer program that allows a computer to control the telescope.

-Serial cable to connect to a computer.

Setting up the Celestron NexStar 8 SE

One of the surprising things about the NexStar 8 SE is how quick and easy it is to set this telescope up. This is a little too large to be a grab-and-go telescope because of the cool-down that the SCT requires. It is recommended that you allow the SCT OTA an hour to achieve the correct thermal equilibrium. This ensures that there are not any air currents swirling inside of the tube. Air currents can degrade the image quality, which makes it hard to view the stars and planets.

If you pre-cool the OTA, you can set up, align, and use the NexStar in around 20 minutes, without having to rush. If you are planning to use the GoTo alignment option, you need to make sure that your tripod is level. This is easy to do since the telescope comes with a bubble level. You should also make sure your tripod is leveled, especially if you are going to use computerized tracking.

Once you have leveled the tripod, you will need to mount the fork arm. This is done using three thumbscrews, which are built into the tripod. After the fork arm is mounted, the OTA can be mounted using the dovetail rail. There is a quick-release knob that needs to be tightened, and then the telescope is ready to be used.

Tracking and GoTo Accuracy

With the NexStar, there is software that allows the telescope to be moved to look at a specific star, planet, or other object. Most of the time, this feature does work and will place the object in the field of view. You may need to make a few adjustments to have a clear view, but the object tracker can make the adjustments easier because it will lock on the object that it is looking at.


The Celestron NexStar is a great telescope. It comes with all the items that you need to stargaze, and you can easily connect the NexStar with your computer. The short amount of time it takes to set up and tear down allows you to easily place the telescope where you want to watch the stars. However, depending on what you want to use this telescope for, you may need to buy some extra accessories along with the base unit.

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